Cost Less Carpet

Among the most durable of flooring surfaces, tile also proves to offer an amazing array of design flooring potential. Cost Less Carpet carries more tile than most distributors could imagine. We import tile from all over the world to fill our 9 stores and our 30,000sf warehouse. This kind of buying power and selection create a winning scenario for you. At Cost Less Carpet we have the styles and colors you’re looking for in stock and ready to be loaded up!

We carry two types of tile, Ceramic and Porcelain.

Ceramic tile is a mixture of clays and minerals that have been shaped, pressed and fired at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees. This process hardens the tile and the protective glaze adds the color and finish creating the final product that is beautiful yet very durable.

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic made up of a mixture of clays and minerals similar to that of fine dinnerware. These special clays are then glazed and fired at temperatures exceeding 2400 degrees. This high temperature produces a tile that is very dense and has a much less absorption rate than regular ceramic tile. This makes porcelain tile the tile of choice for outdoor projects and has very low maintenance.

Care and Maintenance

Tile is very easy to care for. We recommend sealing the grout after installation and repeating this process one time per year. General maintenance includes sweeping with a fine tipped broom and wet mopping. You can also vacuum your floor with an non-beater bar type vacuum and then wet mopping.


Tile can be laid directly on any concrete floor. For installation inside, you cannot install the tile onto a wooden sub floor. To achieve proper adhesion, you will need to lay ¼” Fiberrock in all the areas where tile will be placed. We recommend using a very thin coat of thinset and nailing the fiberrock to your sub floor. Once the fiberrock is placed, you can begin the installation of your tile.